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Celebrate Bonfire Night in Looe

Bonfire Night is a great time of the year that lets you enjoy spectacular fireworks displays, and blazing bonfires, while also indulging in delicious snacks and drinks. At The Bay Talland, our luxury cottages let you prepare for the evening of festivity at one of our nearest firework displays. They not only provide an ideal setting for your pre-event preparations but also guarantee you can return and unwind after an exciting night of celebrating.

Looe Fireworks Display At Tencreek
The most popular place we suggest going to for bonfire night near us is the Looe Fireworks Display at Tencreek. an annual fireworks display. There’s free parking available on-site, so you’ll be able to get there easily, as well as it being only a 6-minute drive from The Bay Talland.

So what’s on at the event? Apart from an amazing fireworks display, there is also a yummy hog roast being served to all its attendees. For the children, cabaret performances and characters are attended such as Deano the Dolphin and Sparky The Sharky.

Don’t hesitate to book a cottage with us today in time for these events, a last-minute holiday in Looe is a great way to celebrate bonfire night!

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