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Stay On The Road With Our EV Charging Cottages 

If you plan on visiting Cornwall and own an electric or hybrid vehicle, you may be conscious about charging it to keep you on the road. Luckily here at The Bay Talland, we have a great selection of luxury cottages that offer EV charging.

The Bay Talland is one of only a handful of holiday parks in Cornwall offering on-site electric vehicle charging, especially located right outside your lodge for ultimate convenience. We pride ourselves on providing a luxury holiday experience where our guests can truly relax. By providing electric vehicle charging on your doorstep, we’re committed to giving you complete flexibility and convenience during your stay. Never worry about whether the charging facilities are available as they are all yours during your stay, meaning you can charge your car and explore Cornwall whenever you like. 

Benefits Of EV Charging At Your Cottage

There are many reasons to choose one of our cottages that offers EV Charging.

Convenience and Peace of Mind: With a charger for your vehicle right on your doorstep, you won’t have to worry about searching for nearby charging stations or running out of battery power during your stay.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Just by choosing to drive an electric vehicle to The Bay Talland you are contributing to a cleaner environment, and by charging it at our site you will help reduce your carbon footprint.

Which Of Our Cottages Offers EV Charging?

We have six cottages that offer EV charging and various other additional features. The holiday homes with EV charging include House 7, House 9, House 3, House 6, House 5 and House 2. Book one of them now and have your electric vehicle ready to explore Looe every day of your stay.

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