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The Best Autumn Walks Around Our Cottages

Visiting one of our luxury cottages this Autumn? If you want to get out there and enjoy all that this beautiful season has to offer, then this blog is for you! We are going to discuss our favourite walks around our cottages that let you take in all the features Autumn brings to Cornwall. From woodland walks to amazing gardens with vast landscapes, these scenic walks are a must-do when visiting us this October.

Trenant Woods

Managed by the woodland trust, Trenant Woods is a vast woodland that can help you get your fix of Autumn leaves. As you explore the surrounding area you may even come across a beautiful river, and there is nothing better than hearing the sound of a flowing river on a misty Autumn morning! Finally, as a reward for getting through the woodland, you’ll be met with a breathtaking view over the woodland and out to the sea.

Kilminorth Woods

Yet another beautiful woodland, Kilminorth Woods is a nature reserve along the West Looe River valley. This is super convenient to access too, being right near the town of Looe with plenty of parking, shops and toilets nearby. If you’re passionate about bird watching, a variety of water birds have been spotted around this area! And with these woods being described as the ‘UK’s equivalent of the rainforest’ it’s a must-walk to take part in this Autumn.

Golitha Falls

For beautiful sights of waterfalls and cascades, along a woodland path with amazing scenery, Golitha Falls is a must-visit for couples and families alike. As you explore along the path, you see ancient oak woodland, and in the fall these will be home to wonderful Autumn leaves, ideal for a conker hunt! You may even spot some of the wildlife living in the river, salmon and sea trout are common, but if you are lucky otters can sometimes be seen exploring the falls. 

If any of these woodland walks in Looe sound like a way you’d like to spend your Autumn break, why not come stay at one of our luxury cottages here at The Bay Talland? We strive to give you everything you need to make your stay with us the best it can be.

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