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The Best Beaches In Cornwall

Some of the best beaches in Cornwall are located on your doorstep during your stay with us or just a short car journey away. Looe is home to some beautiful beaches and whether you and your family want to play in the sand or you simply just need a nice place to walk the dog, we have some ideal spots.

Looe Beach

Located near a lovely old town, Looe Beach is perfect for those who love the sand between their toes and the beautiful scenery to look at. There’s also Banjo Pier, a pier which gets its name from how it looks like a banjo when viewed from above. The water on Looe Beach is also considered safe to swim in, so a paddle after a day in the sun to cool down will certainly be on the cards!

Hannafore Beach

For something a little different, Hannafore Beach is a more adventurous beach to visit. Being home to various rock pools and much larger rocks ideal for climbing, this shingle beach is an amazing place to explore. It’s also much quieter than some of the other Talland Bay beaches. After a long day of adventuring, grab an ice cream from the nearby kiosk and enjoy the view.

Seaton Beach

Ideal for families, Seaton Beach is home to a great park so little ones can stay entertained even after playing the sand all day, and there’s a lovely cafe for the parents. It’s a perfect day out too with shops and toilet facilities right next to the beach, with sheltered waters to swim in and a river crossing the sand, you won’t get bored visiting Seaton Beach. With it also being dog friendly it could be a perfect place for your pooch to stretch their legs and have a run on this gorgeous coastline.

Talland Bay

Just near our luxury cottages is Talland Bay, one of our most popular destinations in the local area and a must-visit for those who stay with us. This beautiful beach doesn’t disappoint with great views, soft sands and excellent facilities nearby. It also has a rich history, being the site of several shipwrecks along with interesting tales of smugglers using this bay in the past.

All these Cornwall beaches are some of the best near our resort. If you like the look of these Cornish coastlines, why not book a stay with us in one of our high-end luxury cottages?

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