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What To Pack For A Holiday In Cornwall

Are you planning to visit Cornwall and stay at one of our luxury 5-star cottages? This guide will tell you everything you need to bring to get the most out of your stay with us, from items ideal for those who want to go out adventuring or necessities for those who wish to have a cosy day in.

What’s Already Included In Your Stay?

Before worrying about what you need to bring, it’s good to know what you don’t need to bring. First of all, all our cottages offer free wifi for you to use, so no need to worry about using any of your data as well as complimentary use of our various leisure facilities. Various kitchen necessities and utensils are also available, including dishcloths, tea towels, dishwasher tablets, washing-up liquid and more. There’s also plenty of toilet roll to last you your entire stay and tea and coffee ready for your arrival.

Everyday Items To Bring

While exploring Cornwall you need to prepare for anything. This means preparing for the weather, no matter the forecast. If you’re visiting during the summer months, we suggest bringing clothing suitable for sunny conditions like sunhats, sunglasses, shorts and any other hot-weather clothing you may have including suncream. But we also recommend preparing for rain, as British summertime weather can be unpredictable at times, as we all know! This includes a raincoat or jacket and most certainly an umbrella. 

Cornwall has plenty of gorgeous landscapes and amazing sights to see, so it is highly recommended you bring along a camera to capture those beautiful views so you can show family and friends back home. Even if you don’t own a camera, remember to bring a charger and a portable charger for your phone, so it can’t run out of battery even on the go, allowing you to snap some pictures on there instead.

Things To Bring On The Beach

Cornwall is home to some of the best beaches so we highly recommend packing everything you can to be able to get the most out of your beach holiday in Cornwall. For those who want to brave a dip in the sea, swimsuits and shorts, waterproof shoes or flip flops and even a wet suit are all great choices to bring to get the most out of the beautiful waters all the Cornwall beaches have to offer. Also don’t forget a towel so you can keep yourself warm and dry after a swim, along with a beach bag to keep all your items in for easy transport.

Some extra items we recommend bringing include a water bottle or other food and drink items to stay hydrated, a picnic blanket, an umbrella or wind block to keep shaded from the wind and sun and also some beach activities, like a frisbee or ball.

What To Take On A Walk

Adventuring up through Cornwall’s open moors or off the beaten path to its various forest treks is the perfect way to spend your time with us, but only if you pack the correct gear. Packing the correct equipment if your going out on a walking holiday in Cornwall is vital, as it keeps you safe and just overall makes your walk much more enjoyable. First of all, a pair of sturdy footwear like boots or high-quality walking shoes will help keep you comfortable on those long journeys, as well as protect your feet from damage and help you grip the bumpy paths you might be walking along. We also recommend taking along a large rucksack or backpack, which can hold various supplies including water and snacks or medication and other healthcare supplies to ensure if you do somehow get injured you’ll be safe. Make sure to bring along a phone too with plenty of charge to ensure you don’t get lost.

Are you ready to stay in Cornwall? Bringing most, if not all of the items we’ve listed will greatly improve your holiday experience. If you’re still not sure what you can get up to during your stay, have a look at the things you can do around our cottages, or if you already have that planned out but need to find a place to stay, we have a luxury cottage for everyone.

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